(Not so) Wordless Wednesday

After five years, this is my last week at work before moving on to my next adventure. Doesn’t work sound way more interesting when you refer to it as an adventure?

To completely brag, I have the most beautiful view from my office window.  It is a panoramic view of a harbour and perfect for a snoop like me because I can watch all the action on the street. Watching people down on the road below, I’ve developed an appreciation for this church:


Every single day, I catch at least a handful of people admiring it’s stature or taking photos of it. I’ve seen one wedding and a couple of funerals. Sometimes people will take a break on the steps. Once in awhile the police arrest someone in front of it or the ambulance comes to check on someone who needs assistance out front. The perimeter is surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers that start blooming in early Spring.

Sometimes seeing something everyday can grow old, eventually becoming almost invisible. I am glad that hasn’t happened to me. I sure will miss this Church.

church door

Church Door

church windows

Church Windows


The Art of Doodling

I like to doodle. My husband would suggest I also like to dawdle, which I emphatically deny and in my defence, any tardiness on my part is the result of trailing after others who haven’t done their part but I digress.

Asking why people doodle provides an easy enough answer:

Research suggests it is a way of keeping the mind present from wandering and provides just enough amusement to promote listening. I agree with that. Mind you, research also suggests that it assists with memory recall. For me, that’s not so true.

After this morning’s doodle session (some people call these meetings) I wondered if the design of a doodle has any meaning associated with it.  For example, if you have a propensity to draw triangles, does that mean you’re an abstract thinker? Is a multiple heart doodler an optimist? What does mine say about me?

According to research, there is no correlation between your doodle design and personality traits. So, go ahead and doodle with the comfort of knowing you will not be labelled a simpleton, psychopath or drama queen; rather, just a thinker, analyser or listener.

Can I just say though that I do think my doodling has a certain element of creativity?


evidence of concentrating

This particular design has been with me for years-it’s kind of a ‘tag’. Come to think of it, I’m sure there are a few text books out there with this design on the bottom of a page or two; such a rebel move. Proof I listen.

Are you a doodler?

Monday Memoirs

This weekend has been very busy!

My in laws arrived for a visit. This means a full on marathon of eating, wine drinking and dog walking. Between all of us, there are four dogs in the house. It’s quite the motley crew. Unfortunately, no amount of dog walking is going to make up for what I ate this weekend. I am generally very active but not so much in the last few days. Sometimes I find that when there’s a lot going on, I use that as an excuse to stop exercising when in fact it’s the best thing to do. I need to get it together, put my big girl running pants on and get back out there!

As an aside, I love reading blogs participating in a ‘high five for Friday’ event-listing five things that made the week special. I am going to steal from that but change it up a bit. Monday always seems to get a bad rap so I’ve decided I want to start my own ‘Monday Memoirs’ (does that sound cheesy?)??? and list, let’s say, 3 things that made last week great:

1. Eating out. I went out for lunch or dinner at least four times last week. That NEVER happens. It was great because it granted me the time to have decent conversations with so many great people that I don’t see very often.

2. We found a house to buy! Once things are finalised, I’ll share some details. I was grateful to have my in laws here to help provide some input. Their opinions mean a lot and really helped with the decision making process.

3. Flowers. I was not expecting to receive this beautiful bouquet. It came from someone I admire and in turn, it feels good to be appreciated like that. So kind 🙂


Have a great Monday!

Wine for the Weekend

I am lucky enough to have two sets of parents. The ‘crazy’ ones are in Mexico. They live on their boat-that is why they are ‘crazy’. Nonetheless, they are generous enough to pick up the tab for a birthday dinner for my husband and I as both of us share the month of January.

So last night we went out to dinner to a fabulous place that I do not frequent often because it is so fancy that I couldn’t possibly be on the mack daddy of all best behaviours for more than once a year. The ambience is incredible as is the menu and the wine list. Oh, the wine list. It’s about 50 pages, no word of a lie. Instead of opting for one bottle of wine, we went with a special menu that includes a wine pairing with each of the four courses. It was a great opportunity to try some amazing wines chosen by a sommelier who sounded like a poet. At one point, he talked about one flavour ‘straddling’ another. Straddle? I’m stealing that one-heh.

One thing I learned: port and chocolate are the best dessert combo ever.

One wine that struck me in particular was a Gamay Noir from Beaumont Winery. I had it with smoked salmon. I usually equate fish with white wine but maybe because it was smoked, this wine paired well with it. Definitely a great choice and I love the spicy note at the end of it. I don’t have a picture of the bottle and frankly, between the conversation, food and wine, I didn’t feel like snapping food. I did manage to get a few though:

wine glasses 2

All the tables are candlelit and what you don’t see if the huge wood fireplace with a warm inviting fire that smelled like being in a cosy cabin.

harbour house light

Yet another beautiful chandelier. I don’t know why lighting always catches my eye but it does. This one has actual candles.

dessert plate

The last course. It was a chocolate ganache cake with raspberry coulis.


As you head out of the parking lot,  there is an archway with this beautiful heart lighting.

What a wonderful and thoughtful gift and I am grateful 🙂

Boots and Zippers

I’ve been looking for a good pair of sensible yet stylish boots for quite some time. I feel like I’ve looked everywhere and then today I found them and they were on sale. I call that fate. My husband calls it something else but we’ll just leave him be.

Honestly? I found about three pairs to buy but because I like living in a house with a roof and heat, I settled for this pair:


I love the zipper detail in the back. Now you’re probably wondering why I’m not showing a picture of me wearing them (probably not). I did model them for the gals at work today and let me tell you; they got more than they bargained for-bless these fellow fashionistas. You see, when it came time to take them off, I managed to get the zipper half way down my calf. That is it. I tugged, pulled, twisted and nothing. In a nutshell, how many fashionistas does it take to get these boots off? The answer is three. THREE. Well actually, two if I don’t count myself.  It takes one to laugh hysterically and be the witness while the other one gracefully tries over and over again to free the victim (that’s me).

Zippers man. The woman at the store did happen to mention she had ‘zipper lube’ that may make it easier. ‘Zipper lube’-heh. I have a dirty mind. You probably do too.

Happy Friday 🙂


(not so wordless) Thursday

Seems that I somehow got my days all mixed up this week to the point I’m sure I’ve lost one. Which is fine by me because a four day work week seems like a good idea anyway. I’m pretty sure it was the Tuesday. At any rate, here I am on Thursday!

It’s a rare occurrence that I go out for dinner during the week unless it’s catching a very quick bite between moving from one activity to another. But last night I had the pleasure of going out to a very fashionable eatery in the ‘big city’. It  felt like a Friday which was great because it broke the monotony of routine. Eating out with great company over wine and tapas? I can’t think of a better way to spend a week night!


This place used to be an old run down dive but it was refurbished into a retro modern tapas bar. This picture below is of one of the lights over the bar. I think it one of the coolest lights ever!


I hope you have a great day no matter which one you’re on 🙂

High School Flashback


Now that we’ve sold our house, our impending move means that our son will be transferring into another school. It just so happens that it’s the time of year that the local high schools start showcasing themselves by inviting prospective students out to an information night. This week, my husband and I found ourselves (along with a bunch of other poor parents souls) crammed into a high school gym, sitting on hardwood bleachers, surrounded by a sea of hormonal teenagers, listening to a principal.

Scanning the room, I couldn’t help thinking back to my own high school years. I think the last time I found myself  in a school gym, it was gawking at the basketball players during a home game or attending a dance.  Apart from grade eight, those years were not too bad for me. I remember being terrified the first time I met the chemistry teacher because he paced the rows of desks and randomly slammed his ruler down when he was wanted to emphasize a point. He turned out to be someone I greatly respected. I also remember living off the monster chocolate chip cookies sold for a $1  in the cafeteria.

Listening to some of the students talk about how their high school education has prepared them for their future career aspirations made me reflect on what I thought I would be back in the day. I really wanted to be an archaeologist or anthropologist.  Somehow I must have gotten sidetracked along the way 🙂

I am quite content with the journey I’ve taken since high school but I couldn’t help quietly chuckling to myself as I experienced the fleeting flashback of being one of those hormonal teens, sitting in the gym, waiting in anticipation…

PS-we got home fairly late which, in my opinion, is the perfect excuse not to exercise. That is, apart from lifting my hand to my mouth to shovel in cheese covered popcorn. It was a pretty successful workout.