The Secret Life of Non-Empty Nesters

Us at the Tower

With two weeks off for the holidays, our son went to visit the grandparents. He left on Boxing Day. That was  10 days ago but who’s counting? Here are the things I thought we’d do with all our ‘free’ time:

  • romantic candlelight dinners
  • go to movies rated greater than PG
  • late night pub outings with friends
  • …among other things…

Here’s what we’re doing:

  • eating leftover potato chips for dinner
  • watching world junior championship hockey (because we’re Canadian. Did you watch? Yes, we’re heartbroken)
  • going to bed early

In his absence I’ve learned:

  • the slippers I got him for Christmas are really comfortable
  • his sweatshirts fit me (score!) AND
  • he should have taken the chocolate he got in his stocking with him!

 It’s so boring. We miss him.


2 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Non-Empty Nesters

  1. hah! On the rare occasion that the Rooster and I get a “break” from the girls, we spend the first half stumbling around readjusting to the silence and lack of commotion. And then suddenly, it’s over…

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