Culinary Experimentation #1 (of 2013)

With our son away, we have been so lazy in the kitchen. Sad truth be known, if I was left to my own devices, I’d probably be living off of  rice cakes with salsa or pretzels with hot sauce.  Last night, I decided to break the dry spell. I couldn’t resist the picture of falafels posted on Oh She Glows and decided to make them. I had most of the ingredients minus the nutritional yeast and flax.

Have you ever used nutritional yeast? I have heard of it but never used it before (because I’m not cultured like that). I didn’t even know where to begin looking for it at the grocery store and frankly, neither did anyone who worked there. Luckily, the health food store in our little town happened to be open late, it’s fate I tell you. I don’t know why I don’t shop there more often, the man running it is such a sweet heart. He let me sample a few different textures of it and explained that it  is an excellent source of B12 vitamin. He suggested that it tastes great on popcorn (like a light sprinkling of cheese). Good to know.

Arriving home, I set out to make dinner. I had picked up flax seeds and needed them to be ground. No problem. In all my wisdom, I poured them into a cereal bowl and proceeded to use the hand blender. MAJOR Rookie move. Can I just add that we have one of those ‘open floor plan’ homes? Have you ever been to someone’s house when they have a cat or dog that sheds and you find yourself covered in pet hair? Not here. No, just flax seeds. I’m sure I will be finding them in my hair for the next century.

Despite the mishap, they turned out great and I will be making them again for sure! Easy to make and so delicious.


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