The Art of Saying Thank You


Here’s some flowers for you!

I have a tendency to function on auto-pilot, with the same routine being played out day after day. While it gives me a sense of comfort that my world has order, the drawback is that it can cloud my ability to notice the people who make a lasting impression. It may be someone very familiar, an acquaintance I randomly bump into or even a stranger who says or does something in passing. We go along our merry ways until BAM! the universe throws a curve ball and I realize the connection between us has had a profound effect on me. In some cases, I’m lucky enough to know who they are and have the chance to express my sincerest gratitude. The absurd thing is that I don’t always opt to. Why not? Maybe it’s because I think I’ll do it later and then later never comes or I assume they won’t take me seriously?

How do you say your thank-you in a way that makes the person truly understand the depth of your sincerity without sounding over the top?   Well here’s my two cents:

  • Make sure your initial expression of thanks is sincere as opposed to being something you just automatically say without really thinking about it. This way, you can safely rest assured that if you didn’t realize the connection until later; you made whatever you said the first time round count.
  • If you are very lucky enough to have a relationship with the person, maybe you should simply go out on a limb and make a point of expressing your thanks even if it makes you uncomfortable. Chances are good that if it’s coming from the heart, you won’t lose.

Do they even really need to know? I like to think they do. In writing this post and moving forward I am thinking of certain people I need to thank…

Note: I wrote this post yesterday before reading my new friend Brenda’s blog. Much to my surprise, she nominated me for a blog award! Brenda, you are so kind and I’m glad to have connected with you!  I have only just started blogging and it is great to know that you find my posts interesting; the feeling is mutual!  You have given me the dose of encouragement I need to continue.

OK, enough thanking 🙂 Please check out Brenda’s blog My Girly Parts. I love her candid posts on being a woman, she will have you laughing and breathing a sigh of relief that you’re not the only one!


5 thoughts on “The Art of Saying Thank You

  1. Beautiful post girlfriend and oh how so true! I like the way you think and have found your posts inspiring enough that I wanted to show you some bloggy love. What are friends for right? I look forward to reading more and getting to know you better! BTW, are you on Twitter or Triberr? Good way to promote your blog a bit more 🙂

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