Calm, Cool and Collected?

If I was to sum up the new year so far, well? Blink. Blink. Phew. Stressful. But before you feel sorry for me, it’s the good kind of stress. It’s chalk full of wonder, excitement and anticipation! But what can I possibly do to cope you ask?

I once suggested to my husband that when I get stressed out, all I have to say is “Jesus, take the wheel”. To which he rolled his eyes and had a good chuckle. Then I confessed that I am all “are, you sure you didn’t want to take a left back there?” or “are we there yet?” Let’s just say it’s sometimes easier said than done. I am a work in progress.

To be honest, here’s what initially came to mind:

  • Call in sick to work, wear a muumuu all day while drinking martinis, crying and wiping mascara all over my face.
  • Pretend everything is FINE. I’m FINE. We’re FINE. It’s all FINE. Smile. A lot.
  • Stop showering, brushing teeth, changing underwear and eat loads of chips. Leave crumbs everywhere.
  • Clean the house. Really clean the house. Scrub that bathtub like you’ve never scrubbed before.
  • Bake all day long.

Good or bad, stress is something that needs to be managed and while all the above options are appealing, I’ve chosen to channel my energy into exercise. It could be anything from yoga to running to high intensity interval training. I’ll be honest though-this decision came somewhere between a glass of wine and a few chips consumed.  Rather than beating myself up about it, I laced up the runners and went downstairs and did this workout:

Exercise is such a great way to release your stress! I found a short snapper article that I thought really summed it up beautifully here.

Have a great day, don’t worry so much 🙂

What activities help you manage stress?


7 thoughts on “Calm, Cool and Collected?

  1. holy schnikeys — ya lost me at 100 mountain climbers as fast you can! even zuzka wants to die!!! but i will say its nice to see the person on the video sweating their beans off and struggling too! gonna check out more of her stuff… thanks for sharing!


    • Yes, I really enjoy her workouts. They are short and effective. Her website is:

      When I first started, I couldn’t do her workouts but as time goes by, I’ve improved. Don’t be intimidated!

  2. I’m all about eating the chips. Can I follow them up with a swig of bourbon?

    I’m not big on exercise for its own sake — I’d rather get it along the way working around the house or doing something I really enjoy like riding my bicycle. But true, it’s hard to stay stressed when your body’s working.

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