Tea Time over at My Girly Parts

I have only just started blogging and I’ve already made some friends, fancy that! It simply must be my good looks and charm, eh? At least that’s what I tell me 🙂  Anyhow, when I was invited by the lovely Brenda, to be a guest host over at My Girly Parts, I was excited! Talking about all sorts of girly things is a speciality of mine (especially after being surrounded by boys at home all the time). Neither my husband or son really have any appreciation for my musings about the Bachelor, spanx, makeup, chocolate, chick flicks, etc.

Please grab your tea and head on over to join me!


6 thoughts on “Tea Time over at My Girly Parts

  1. ACK!! I haven’t gone the spanks route…. yet…. thankfully! Glad to have you Holli. Your an inspiration for keeping healthy and fit AND over 40, oh yeah, and don’t look a day over 30 😉 hehe Glad to have you over there and once I get MGP all transferred to my new host, would glad to have you again as a Contributor! 🙂

  2. i haven’t succomb to spanx yet (not that i shouldn’t) and by golly ya can’t make me! i like being able to pee without having to disrobe like i just completed a deep space expedition way too much! comfort over masking my cellulite lol!
    loved the guest post!

  3. Hi Holli, love your blog and loved reading your guest post + gorgeous photo on my girly parts! My husband just doesn’t get how I loooooove the Bachelor so much, I guess it’s a girls thing 😉
    Happy blogging Holli, it’s great meeting you!

    • Raquel, thanks for such kind words! I think it’s a girl thing for sure although I do have one friend who is in on the conversation because he watches it with his gf. Now I say that must be love:)

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