High School Flashback


Now that we’ve sold our house, our impending move means that our son will be transferring into another school. It just so happens that it’s the time of year that the local high schools start showcasing themselves by inviting prospective students out to an information night. This week, my husband and I found ourselves (along with a bunch of other poor parents souls) crammed into a high school gym, sitting on hardwood bleachers, surrounded by a sea of hormonal teenagers, listening to a principal.

Scanning the room, I couldn’t help thinking back to my own high school years. I think the last time I found myself  in a school gym, it was gawking at the basketball players during a home game or attending a dance.  Apart from grade eight, those years were not too bad for me. I remember being terrified the first time I met the chemistry teacher because he paced the rows of desks and randomly slammed his ruler down when he was wanted to emphasize a point. He turned out to be someone I greatly respected. I also remember living off the monster chocolate chip cookies sold for a $1  in the cafeteria.

Listening to some of the students talk about how their high school education has prepared them for their future career aspirations made me reflect on what I thought I would be back in the day. I really wanted to be an archaeologist or anthropologist.  Somehow I must have gotten sidetracked along the way 🙂

I am quite content with the journey I’ve taken since high school but I couldn’t help quietly chuckling to myself as I experienced the fleeting flashback of being one of those hormonal teens, sitting in the gym, waiting in anticipation…

PS-we got home fairly late which, in my opinion, is the perfect excuse not to exercise. That is, apart from lifting my hand to my mouth to shovel in cheese covered popcorn. It was a pretty successful workout.


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