(not so wordless) Thursday

Seems that I somehow got my days all mixed up this week to the point I’m sure I’ve lost one. Which is fine by me because a four day work week seems like a good idea anyway. I’m pretty sure it was the Tuesday. At any rate, here I am on Thursday!

It’s a rare occurrence that I go out for dinner during the week unless it’s catching a very quick bite between moving from one activity to another. But last night I had the pleasure of going out to a very fashionable eatery in the ‘big city’. It  felt like a Friday which was great because it broke the monotony of routine. Eating out with great company over wine and tapas? I can’t think of a better way to spend a week night!


This place used to be an old run down dive but it was refurbished into a retro modern tapas bar. This picture below is of one of the lights over the bar. I think it one of the coolest lights ever!


I hope you have a great day no matter which one you’re on 🙂


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