Boots and Zippers

I’ve been looking for a good pair of sensible yet stylish boots for quite some time. I feel like I’ve looked everywhere and then today I found them and they were on sale. I call that fate. My husband calls it something else but we’ll just leave him be.

Honestly? I found about three pairs to buy but because I like living in a house with a roof and heat, I settled for this pair:


I love the zipper detail in the back. Now you’re probably wondering why I’m not showing a picture of me wearing them (probably not). I did model them for the gals at work today and let me tell you; they got more than they bargained for-bless these fellow fashionistas. You see, when it came time to take them off, I managed to get the zipper half way down my calf. That is it. I tugged, pulled, twisted and nothing. In a nutshell, how many fashionistas does it take to get these boots off? The answer is three. THREE. Well actually, two if I don’t count myself.  It takes one to laugh hysterically and be the witness while the other one gracefully tries over and over again to free the victim (that’s me).

Zippers man. The woman at the store did happen to mention she had ‘zipper lube’ that may make it easier. ‘Zipper lube’-heh. I have a dirty mind. You probably do too.

Happy Friday 🙂



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