Wine for the Weekend

I am lucky enough to have two sets of parents. The ‘crazy’ ones are in Mexico. They live on their boat-that is why they are ‘crazy’. Nonetheless, they are generous enough to pick up the tab for a birthday dinner for my husband and I as both of us share the month of January.

So last night we went out to dinner to a fabulous place that I do not frequent often because it is so fancy that I couldn’t possibly be on the mack daddy of all best behaviours for more than once a year. The ambience is incredible as is the menu and the wine list. Oh, the wine list. It’s about 50 pages, no word of a lie. Instead of opting for one bottle of wine, we went with a special menu that includes a wine pairing with each of the four courses. It was a great opportunity to try some amazing wines chosen by a sommelier who sounded like a poet. At one point, he talked about one flavour ‘straddling’ another. Straddle? I’m stealing that one-heh.

One thing I learned: port and chocolate are the best dessert combo ever.

One wine that struck me in particular was a Gamay Noir from Beaumont Winery. I had it with smoked salmon. I usually equate fish with white wine but maybe because it was smoked, this wine paired well with it. Definitely a great choice and I love the spicy note at the end of it. I don’t have a picture of the bottle and frankly, between the conversation, food and wine, I didn’t feel like snapping food. I did manage to get a few though:

wine glasses 2

All the tables are candlelit and what you don’t see if the huge wood fireplace with a warm inviting fire that smelled like being in a cosy cabin.

harbour house light

Yet another beautiful chandelier. I don’t know why lighting always catches my eye but it does. This one has actual candles.

dessert plate

The last course. It was a chocolate ganache cake with raspberry coulis.


As you head out of the parking lot,  there is an archway with this beautiful heart lighting.

What a wonderful and thoughtful gift and I am grateful 🙂


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