Monday Memoirs

This weekend has been very busy!

My in laws arrived for a visit. This means a full on marathon of eating, wine drinking and dog walking. Between all of us, there are four dogs in the house. It’s quite the motley crew. Unfortunately, no amount of dog walking is going to make up for what I ate this weekend. I am generally very active but not so much in the last few days. Sometimes I find that when there’s a lot going on, I use that as an excuse to stop exercising when in fact it’s the best thing to do. I need to get it together, put my big girl running pants on and get back out there!

As an aside, I love reading blogs participating in a ‘high five for Friday’ event-listing five things that made the week special. I am going to steal from that but change it up a bit. Monday always seems to get a bad rap so I’ve decided I want to start my own ‘Monday Memoirs’ (does that sound cheesy?)??? and list, let’s say, 3 things that made last week great:

1. Eating out. I went out for lunch or dinner at least four times last week. That NEVER happens. It was great because it granted me the time to have decent conversations with so many great people that I don’t see very often.

2. We found a house to buy! Once things are finalised, I’ll share some details. I was grateful to have my in laws here to help provide some input. Their opinions mean a lot and really helped with the decision making process.

3. Flowers. I was not expecting to receive this beautiful bouquet. It came from someone I admire and in turn, it feels good to be appreciated like that. So kind 🙂


Have a great Monday!


3 thoughts on “Monday Memoirs

  1. i love the idea of celebrating the good on a monday! maybe you should create a link-up and ask others to join in?
    also i am soooooo on board with the letting being *busy* be a valid excuse to put fitness on the back burner and i need to stop that too!

    happy monday!

    • Thanks for the recommendation. I like the idea…it’s always great to count your blessings; especially on a Monday 🙂 I will have to figure out how to do that-the linking up…still learning but I’ll look into it.

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