The Art of Doodling

I like to doodle. My husband would suggest I also like to dawdle, which I emphatically deny and in my defence, any tardiness on my part is the result of trailing after others who haven’t done their part but I digress.

Asking why people doodle provides an easy enough answer:

Research suggests it is a way of keeping the mind present from wandering and provides just enough amusement to promote listening. I agree with that. Mind you, research also suggests that it assists with memory recall. For me, that’s not so true.

After this morning’s doodle session (some people call these meetings) I wondered if the design of a doodle has any meaning associated with it.  For example, if you have a propensity to draw triangles, does that mean you’re an abstract thinker? Is a multiple heart doodler an optimist? What does mine say about me?

According to research, there is no correlation between your doodle design and personality traits. So, go ahead and doodle with the comfort of knowing you will not be labelled a simpleton, psychopath or drama queen; rather, just a thinker, analyser or listener.

Can I just say though that I do think my doodling has a certain element of creativity?


evidence of concentrating

This particular design has been with me for years-it’s kind of a ‘tag’. Come to think of it, I’m sure there are a few text books out there with this design on the bottom of a page or two; such a rebel move. Proof I listen.

Are you a doodler?


4 thoughts on “The Art of Doodling

  1. I don’t do a lot of drawing, but I probably should. It is fun to do things that aren’t really about planning an end or having a goal, and just see what comes out. I bet if you got yourself a large canvas or piece of paper and decided to cover it completely some interesting stuff would show up.

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