(Not so) Wordless Wednesday

After five years, this is my last week at work before moving on to my next adventure. Doesn’t work sound way more interesting when you refer to it as an adventure?

To completely brag, I have the most beautiful view from my office window.  It is a panoramic view of a harbour and perfect for a snoop like me because I can watch all the action on the street. Watching people down on the road below, I’ve developed an appreciation for this church:


Every single day, I catch at least a handful of people admiring it’s stature or taking photos of it. I’ve seen one wedding and a couple of funerals. Sometimes people will take a break on the steps. Once in awhile the police arrest someone in front of it or the ambulance comes to check on someone who needs assistance out front. The perimeter is surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers that start blooming in early Spring.

Sometimes seeing something everyday can grow old, eventually becoming almost invisible. I am glad that hasn’t happened to me. I sure will miss this Church.

church door

Church Door

church windows

Church Windows


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