(Not so) Wordless Wednesday

Things are BUSY around here at the moment. We’re trying to get ready for our upcoming move so I’ve been:

  • de-junking
  • selling off furniture
  • packing
  • drinking wine
  • repeat.

All while I’m:

  • working full time
  • commuting about an hour to and from work
  • cooking
  • drinking wine
  • whining in general…the list goes on.

Nonetheless, I thought I’d share my interesting adventure this week. It has to do with my Kobo reader. The one I left on a friend’s car bumper and forgot about until it was too late. Yep, you guessed it, he drove away. Lost forever.


…or so I thought. Since it happened, I had been procrastinating meaning to update my Kobo account so on the off chance someone found it, they wouldn’t buy the entire book store on my dime. Lo and behold, I received an invoice on my email for a book I did not buy. The person who bought the book, didn’t do so on my dime rather, they entered in their personal information to the account (name, address, phone number). I used this to track it down!

This said person, while sounding a bit shady (bought the kobo off some kid who found it), was kind enough to agree to give it back to me. I actually think they were relieved it wasn’t stolen and that I wasn’t the police trying to recover it. Whatever.

After passing on a ‘thank you’ in the form of a gift card to a local coffee shop, the kobo is back with me! I thought the title of the book the person bought was pretty fitting (in the above picture). Too funny!

Well, that’s it for now until the next adventure…


Wine of the Weekend

I usually post everyday but unfortunately this week, I came down with EBOLA. Self diagnosed of course, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. Instead of whining, I will share my wine pick this weekend. I didn’t drink this weekend-well nothing awesome but this was one I enjoyed awhile back:

Naked Grape

$10 CDN

Unoaked, full bodied red. A friend brought this over when we had an impromptu cocktail party (which is an extremely rare occurrence on my part) but I didn’t open it until sometime later. This wine wasn’t not too bad. Might I add that my hubby also thought it was a good drink? This is a good wine to take to someone’s house if they invite you for a casual party/bbq. I think it would appeal to most red wine drinkers.

Hope you are having a great weekend 🙂

(Not so) Wordless Wednesday

Last week y’all showed the love for Daryl and Steve so I thought I would show them off again. But before I do, I will tell you the story of how we came to love them too. Long before they came into our lives, we had this little peanut, Winston:


Winnie looking more pensive than he ever was

Winston came home with us as a puppy and we loved him for 9 short years. In the end, he became very sick and sadly, passed away. For as little as he was, he had a large presence. Everyone in the neighbourhood knew him and his love for all was unconditional. When he left, the lack of snorting, snotting and licking was deafening.

While we knew we would someday have another dog in our lives, our long commute home made having a puppy impossible. Leaving a puppy home for so long would never be fair. Plus there is the time we would need to train. A big commitment indeed. We just put tucked that wish away, waiting for the right time.

Fast forward about two years later and we are standing on the sidelines of our son’s football game. One of the other parents had recently adopted a dog who was bouncing around beside us. We got to talking about dogs and adoption in general. Following this conversation, I couldn’t help but take a peak at the local animal adoption sites. Just looking. No commitment. Then I spotted Daryl and Steve. Terrible pictures of the two but the most wonderful description: father ( 5 years) and son (3 years). They are trained, can be left in the house alone, good with family. The fact that they were non shedding was a BONUS! I pointed this out to my husband who suggested we look into adopting them…you don’t have to ask me twice! It just felt right.

After a drawn out period of time that included interviews and some meetings to see if we were a good fit, the adoption agency agreed we were-yeah! So here we are, just over a year together, loving every day with these two. They can be cranky with new people but can you blame them? They were well taken care of and obviously loved but their family situation didn’t work out and they were flown from the US to Canada and put up in a foster home before making their way to us. Lots of transition. They are loving and a never ending source of entertainment to us and each other. How lucky are we that they chose us?

Anyhow, here they are this week before their beauty parlour appointment:


Daryl ‘sitting’. He always sits like a gopher. Yes, my son is behind the scenes with a treat. 


Steve, totally knackered. He sleeps with my son every night. 

So there you have it. The story of our pups.

Do you have animals in your life?

Monday Memoirs

Ok, time for me to reflect back on all of the interesting things that happened over the last week. I sometimes wonder if there will be a time when I can’t think of anything. Yikes, I hope that never happens! Now, I’ll quit worrying about that and move on to the three things that stood out:

  • Extra short work week! This was the first year that British Columbia instituted a ‘family day’. It’s a statutory holiday meant for families to spend some time together. This is ironic given that I spent the day with my girlfriends, heading back from our ‘bachelorette’ weekend away. No husbands, no kids. Having said this, I am grateful for my family and our closeness. We don’t take it for granted. Additionally, Friday was a planned day off for school which meant me taking time off work to make sure my son didn’t blow the house up unattended. I initially assumed he’d be out the door with his friends but I lucked out and we spent the day cuddled on the couch watching movies and doing NOTHING. Lovely.
  • I lived another day unscathed. If there’s one thing I love, it’s scary movies. Especially anything that’s ‘paranormal’. My husband and son refused to partake in the experience. So there I was, alone on the couch this Saturday, watching Paranormal Activity No 4 (or 5? 3? I can’t remember). No matter, they are all pretty much the same. I managed to watch the entire thing and make it back to the bedroom without hearing any unexplained thumps in the night, doors inexplicably slamming shut or neighbour kids watching me sleep. These films are creepy and the fact the I haven’t crapped my pajamas is a miracle in and of itself.
  • My ‘crazy parents’ are home! About 7 or 8 years ago, my mom and step dad sailed to Mexico on their boat. They live down there for 6 months and then come back to Canada for 6 months. This year, they came home a little early. They arrived safely this past week but Sunday was the first day we got to see them. It’s was a great visit and I’m looking forward to more Sunday dinners full of stories and good laughs.

Have a great Monday 🙂

Wine of the Weekend

This weekend, I am sharing my non-sommelier and unrefined opinion about a few wines I had the pleasure of trying over this weekend and last.


$18.00 CDN

I tried this wine while out for dinner. I have it in my head that I don’t generally like Pinot Noir because it’s too light. Then trying one like this, I realise I’m mistaken. It was very good! Yes, it’s light in colour but it’s medium bodied with lovely fruit and oak. Thornhaven winery is located in Summerland which is in the interior of the province of British Columbia (about 5 hours from where I live). It’s very cold and dry in the winter and in the desert like in the summer. A beautiful place to visit, with a number of wineries to tour.

Next up:

Johnny Q

$11.00  CDN

I tried this one while on the Whistler trip and wanted something to share with the ladies while lounging in our condo after a hard day of skiing and spa treatments. I know.  It’s an Australian wine; full bodied with cassis, vanilla and oak. A very smooth wine.  For the price? I’ll be buying this one again for sure.



$ 12.00 CDN

I bought this one to share with my book club. It was my turn to host which meant putting together a spread, wine and questions about the book (Life of Pi). This is a South African wine. Full bodied with cherry, blackcurrant and oak. The ladies loved it and asked what it was, how much and where it came from. Did I mention I get stage fright when trying to find wines that I think everyone will like? Note to self, this one’s a winner!

Last but not least:

Johnny Q

Mini orange cheesecakes

Yes, I’m aware that these are not perfectly shaped. Has that ever stopped anyone from trying a cheesecake? I think not. They were easy to make and everyone like them.

A note about the book club:

Everyone brought their book to review and there I am without it. Last weekend, when transporting my luggage from our trip back into my car, I put my Kobo reader on the back or another vehicle’s bumper and promptly forgot about it. It was about two days later I realised what I’d done. What can I say? Hopefully someone found it and will enjoy it as much I did.


Candy Detox

Leo Reynolds / Food Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

Generally, I am not a lover of candy. Well, maybe just a little but it’s usually controllable. That is, until I spend a weekend getaway in Whistler with a group of fabulous women who happen to love their candy. Yep, it happened. I got caught up in the rush of it all and the next thing you know, I have a bright blue tongue and I’m picking chewy bits out of my teeth. Dammit.

Someone mentioned they wanted candy and all of a sudden there I was, jockeying for position in front of about 100 bins of candy. Waiting for the kid in front of me to scoop some mango gummy bears into his plastic bag. I mean, ‘let me help you sweetheart, so we can get on with it’. I am impatient like that.

When the damage was done, I found myself standing in a circle of women outside the candy shop. We couldn’t even wait to get back to our shared condo. Each of us sampling our stash and mumbling a review with our mouths full. As if we were candy connoisseurs. I ended up with sour cola bottles, blackcurrant chewy candy of some sort, some hard candy in a wrapper that caught my eye. It sucked-no pun intended. Then there was my downfall. If there is one candy that I lose my mind over it is salty licorice. Most people I know can’t stand it. As for me? The saltier the better. Dear me, now I’m thinking about it again.

I enjoyed the binge for all of about 15 minutes and then reality set in. What have I done? What do I do now? I think I’m having a panic attack. No wait, that’s a sugar rush.

Needless to say, I can’t believe I did that. But you know what? I did. It was good. Don’t judge (yes, I am speaking to my inner self). Move on.

I have moved on. That is, to the basement, for this work out:

What’s your favourite candy?

Happy Valentine’s Day

In the spirit of the day, I would like to give a shout out to a blog I recently found and ‘love’. It is  being is beautiful. There is a little bit of everything wonderful including a cute puppy and this workout. Oh, and there’s food too. What’s not to love?  I did the workout, here’s proof:

working out

Do you see the sweat on my brow and my red face? I do! I don’t normally wear red lipstick but c’mon, it’s V day! I dedicate this workout to my two favourite men/boys: the one with the beer in his hand, sitting on the couch and watching the hockey game and the one wearing the headphones listening to music.

Hope the day is filled with cinnamon hearts and chocolate 🙂