Growing Up Series #1

This weekend has been challenging to say the least. Picture my son, the teenager, testing his boundaries while I am dragging along behind grasping at his ankles. Anyone who has a teenager completely understands. We must stick together; we might be outnumbered.


This is what guilt tastes like. With our impending move, he smells our guilt about having him change schools and takes full advantage at the grocery store. My husband bought him frootloops and chips. Way to go dad; so weak. 

That said, we are having a quiet weekend focused on reconnecting as a family. Something I offered to my son was to take some time to write about something, anything he wanted to, and I would post it on my blog. He took me up on the offer and wrote the following post. Of course, I have an opinion about what he wrote but I will leave that for another day as opposed to trying to interrupt him. The only thing I will say is that I am very proud of him and had no idea he could write so well. So now that he’s revealed this ability, I think I will have him share his thoughts on various topics now and again.

Here it is:

We never really start thinking of what we want to be in life when we’re little but when you become a teenager you start thinking more of what you want to become and vast variety of jobs you could apply for. Myself, I have thought on what I would like to become and have decided I would like to join the military. Most people don’t think of the military as a job you would necessarily want to join/sign up for, but I have always been interested in things like that from the age of 4 to now. Also I want a job that is physical and mental both put into one and I have friends that would like to join as well so I might be able to still be friends with them in the future. My plans are to first go to university and get my bachelors degree in leadership and then begin my career. I would like to become an infantry officer but I honestly don’t know if I want to become anything else, the army has so many jobs that I could apply for. Well that is what I would like to become when I am older I don’t know if it is what I will do but I definitely have taken the military into thought.

Then there is my parent’s side of what they want me to apply for and the last thing they wanted was the military. They are still supporting me they just have given me about 200 different jobs to think about. Such as a police officer or working for the UN. But I just don’t think I would enjoy the jobs they have suggested. They think the opposite though because they don’t want me to get seriously hurt or worse dead. Not that I could not get hurt in another job just that in the army I have a much higher risk or getting injured and my parents are 100% not enjoying the thought of that.

People have a vision that the military is a horrible life and all they do is shoot things and have a cold heart. I don’t think that is anywhere close to what it is like. Sure it can be hard having to move and not seeing your family much but you are making the world a safer and more peaceful place. Such as putting an end to terrorism and helping war torn countries. Also you get to see how different some countries are compared to your own. And that’s why I think that the military will be a good future job for me.

Whether you agree with me or not, I hope you enjoy my story.

Me again. Hope you enjoyed his post and whether you agree or not,  will show him the love 🙂


2 thoughts on “Growing Up Series #1

  1. you have an amazing son who clearly knows what he wants. as a mother i can imagine your objections as i would feel the same, but being from a military family (my father served in the navy for 24 years) i cannot imagine growing up any other way & have the utmost respect for anyone who chooses to serve our country!
    great post!


    • Yes, he is an amazing young man. I have a lot to say about his calling but then again, I feel like we are called to do the things we do and who am I to mess with that plan? Who knows how the story will end. It’s interesting though, that this is something he’s expressed interest in for a very long time but he’s still young. Heck, my parents don’t necessarily like what I do either: ha-ha. I’ll give my two cents in an upcoming post. Thanks for sharing, I know he’ll appreciate it 🙂

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