(Not so) Wordless Wednesday

I’ve started a new job this week which means I’m EXHAUSTED. Learning new things is exciting and rejuvenating but let me tell you, the 45 minute bus ride home has me fast asleep and possibly drooling at times.

I’ve mentioned I would take some pics of where I’m moving from, I promise I will take some more recent ones but at the moment here’s a taste of what I have in my archives from when we first arrived here. Welcome to the ‘west coast’ of British Columbia, Canada:

Picture 3975

My son and I exploring the forest near our home

Picture 3990

west coast Winter at the beach

Picture 4032

Me, the boy and our old dog Winston-he was hilarious 🙂

I love seeing what part of the world people live in (snoop, snoop). Please show me?


4 thoughts on “(Not so) Wordless Wednesday

  1. Emmener l’enfant à explorer son environnement, à le découvrir et répondre à ses multitudes questions par les parents, cela constitue un grand acquis pour lui qui l’aidera dans sa vie future. Ce n’est pas à l’école seulement que l’enfant doit apprendre, mais c’est aussi avec ses parents et comme on dit chez nous: La première école pour l’enfant est sa mère.

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