Wine of the Weekend

This weekend, I am sharing my non-sommelier and unrefined opinion about a few wines I had the pleasure of trying over this weekend and last.


$18.00 CDN

I tried this wine while out for dinner. I have it in my head that I don’t generally like Pinot Noir because it’s too light. Then trying one like this, I realise I’m mistaken. It was very good! Yes, it’s light in colour but it’s medium bodied with lovely fruit and oak. Thornhaven winery is located in Summerland which is in the interior of the province of British Columbia (about 5 hours from where I live). It’s very cold and dry in the winter and in the desert like in the summer. A beautiful place to visit, with a number of wineries to tour.

Next up:

Johnny Q

$11.00  CDN

I tried this one while on the Whistler trip and wanted something to share with the ladies while lounging in our condo after a hard day of skiing and spa treatments. I know.  It’s an Australian wine; full bodied with cassis, vanilla and oak. A very smooth wine.  For the price? I’ll be buying this one again for sure.



$ 12.00 CDN

I bought this one to share with my book club. It was my turn to host which meant putting together a spread, wine and questions about the book (Life of Pi). This is a South African wine. Full bodied with cherry, blackcurrant and oak. The ladies loved it and asked what it was, how much and where it came from. Did I mention I get stage fright when trying to find wines that I think everyone will like? Note to self, this one’s a winner!

Last but not least:

Johnny Q

Mini orange cheesecakes

Yes, I’m aware that these are not perfectly shaped. Has that ever stopped anyone from trying a cheesecake? I think not. They were easy to make and everyone like them.

A note about the book club:

Everyone brought their book to review and there I am without it. Last weekend, when transporting my luggage from our trip back into my car, I put my Kobo reader on the back or another vehicle’s bumper and promptly forgot about it. It was about two days later I realised what I’d done. What can I say? Hopefully someone found it and will enjoy it as much I did.



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