(Not so) Wordless Wednesday

Last week y’all showed the love for Daryl and Steve so I thought I would show them off again. But before I do, I will tell you the story of how we came to love them too. Long before they came into our lives, we had this little peanut, Winston:


Winnie looking more pensive than he ever was

Winston came home with us as a puppy and we loved him for 9 short years. In the end, he became very sick and sadly, passed away. For as little as he was, he had a large presence. Everyone in the neighbourhood knew him and his love for all was unconditional. When he left, the lack of snorting, snotting and licking was deafening.

While we knew we would someday have another dog in our lives, our long commute home made having a puppy impossible. Leaving a puppy home for so long would never be fair. Plus there is the time we would need to train. A big commitment indeed. We just put tucked that wish away, waiting for the right time.

Fast forward about two years later and we are standing on the sidelines of our son’s football game. One of the other parents had recently adopted a dog who was bouncing around beside us. We got to talking about dogs and adoption in general. Following this conversation, I couldn’t help but take a peak at the local animal adoption sites. Just looking. No commitment. Then I spotted Daryl and Steve. Terrible pictures of the two but the most wonderful description: father ( 5 years) and son (3 years). They are trained, can be left in the house alone, good with family. The fact that they were non shedding was a BONUS! I pointed this out to my husband who suggested we look into adopting them…you don’t have to ask me twice! It just felt right.

After a drawn out period of time that included interviews and some meetings to see if we were a good fit, the adoption agency agreed we were-yeah! So here we are, just over a year together, loving every day with these two. They can be cranky with new people but can you blame them? They were well taken care of and obviously loved but their family situation didn’t work out and they were flown from the US to Canada and put up in a foster home before making their way to us. Lots of transition. They are loving and a never ending source of entertainment to us and each other. How lucky are we that they chose us?

Anyhow, here they are this week before their beauty parlour appointment:


Daryl ‘sitting’. He always sits like a gopher. Yes, my son is behind the scenes with a treat. 


Steve, totally knackered. He sleeps with my son every night. 

So there you have it. The story of our pups.

Do you have animals in your life?


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