(Not so) Wordless Wednesday

Things are BUSY around here at the moment. We’re trying to get ready for our upcoming move so I’ve been:

  • de-junking
  • selling off furniture
  • packing
  • drinking wine
  • repeat.

All while I’m:

  • working full time
  • commuting about an hour to and from work
  • cooking
  • drinking wine
  • whining in general…the list goes on.

Nonetheless, I thought I’d share my interesting adventure this week. It has to do with my Kobo reader. The one I left on a friend’s car bumper and forgot about until it was too late. Yep, you guessed it, he drove away. Lost forever.


…or so I thought. Since it happened, I had been procrastinating meaning to update my Kobo account so on the off chance someone found it, they wouldn’t buy the entire book store on my dime. Lo and behold, I received an invoice on my email for a book I did not buy. The person who bought the book, didn’t do so on my dime rather, they entered in their personal information to the account (name, address, phone number). I used this to track it down!

This said person, while sounding a bit shady (bought the kobo off some kid who found it), was kind enough to agree to give it back to me. I actually think they were relieved it wasn’t stolen and that I wasn’t the police trying to recover it. Whatever.

After passing on a ‘thank you’ in the form of a gift card to a local coffee shop, the kobo is back with me! I thought the title of the book the person bought was pretty fitting (in the above picture). Too funny!

Well, that’s it for now until the next adventure…


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