Monday Memoirs

Oh! The things I’m thankful for…here’s three I would like to share with you from this past week (which has gone by way too fast):

1. The laundry mat. While undergoing renovations, we are without a washer and dryer. Luckily there is a laundry mat not far from us. It’s amazing how much less laundry we have when it has to be hauled a couple of kilometres away. I find this place quite fascinating for some reason. I wonder what the stories are for all the other people waiting, feeding machines quarters and folding. I’m such a snoop. For some reason there is an abundance of home decorating magazines there. Is that what people who do laundry at the laundry mat really need? Actually, for me it’s quite fitting at the moment.

laundry mat

2. Neighbours. Having just moved, we are meeting a whole new cast of characters. I really miss my friends from the old place but nonetheless, I am meeting a whole new set of sweethearts here. Just today, a woman from across the street came over bearing baked goods and apologizing for not introducing herself sooner. The nerve I tell you. I love her baking.


Insanely tasty square with chocolate and walnuts. Thank you to my wonderful neighbours!

3. Football. ‘Tis the season to stand on the soggy sidelines yelling like banshees at our children. Sunday was the first game with ‘our’ new team. The coach hails from Florida and this is his first time coaching a Canadian team. I think he’s already figured out that it’s in fact hockey that rules around here.


First game of the season. Can you smell the newly cut grass?


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