The Comfort of Routine

For someone who loves a good solid routine,  I often find myself off the beaten path. You know when you go for a stroll in the forest and see those little paths branching from the clear one with the well marked signs? I fall for those all the time. Sometimes they loop right back and other times they lead to some place interesting.

the main path

A very clearly marked path that leads to an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean

Now, I’m all for exploring but in terms of my eating healthy and exercising regime I went down a path that led me to a couch  with a monster size TV in front of it and a pantry filled with nachos, burgers and the occasional Strongbow. Sure, there were some Oxygen magazines on the coffee table. I did manage to flip through the pages on occasion while dipping the nacho chips in hot sauce. Frankly, it’s been AWESOME (I think that word dates me) but after spending a good hard livin’ month here, it’s time to loop back. To be honest? I am looking forward to it!

off the path 1

Isn’t this sweet? I found it on one of my strolls around the neighbourhood

off the path 2

I bet there’s a couch in this house, with a troll watching TV. Probably there’s some salt and vinegar chips in there too. 

Without further adieu, my short term goals are:

Running around the new neighbourhood at least three times a week for 30 minutes or more (this will end up looking like two 30 minute runs and one 45 minute run); and

Reintroducing vegetables and water (this is another way of saying DETOX).

These may not seem like a total re haul but they work for me 🙂

Have you strayed like this before? What do you do to get back?


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