Funny how attached we can become to our hair of all things. I say this with the assumption that a lot of other people beyond just me  are in fact attached. Does this mean that some people have let it all go and that somehow short hair is a sign of this? Probably not.

I would also like to point out that if you flip through countless magazines, most of the women in them sport long flowing hair. Why is this? Does long hair really sell more stuff? Plus, it’s likely that many of these magazines are indeed selling haircare products of some sort and if you use these, your hair will look flowing and fabulous. No really, it will.

I’m just simply asking, where are all the short haired chicks? I will let you know and I pray for myself that they are not riding the bus to the pet shop to get yet another cat (p.s. I like cats).

In a brief moment of bravery, I decided to chop my hair short. Real short (at least for me).

  lip gloss2

Ignore the goofy look on my face…this is my BEFORE hair

Hair 1

Here is my AFTER hair

I’m still not entirely sure the big chop was the thing to do but it’s hair, it will grow back if I end up missing it.

It been about 2 weeks now and here’s what I think so far:

1. I look AMAZING in the early hours of the morning (yes, I am being sarcastic);

2. It takes about as much time to style as long hair only it looks better’;

3. I’m still feeling ‘bald’ without longer locks

Are you attached to yours?


6 thoughts on “CHOP

  1. I think you rock this short do’! And, I actually had a nightmare just the other night about waking up with my hair being gone. I know I hide behind it. Big time!

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