Monday Memoirs

OK, so now that I’ve concerned everyone with my last post… I must apologize. I should have prefaced it by saying that my world is not in fact ending. Sometimes, crap happens. Crap happened last week but good things also happened. Here’s a few I am celebrating today:

1. My relationship with my husband. Thank goodness we can communicate and comfort one another with a glance or the squeeze of a hand. Also, he vacuums and cleans the bathroom.

2. Movies. Jurassic Park in 3D to be exact; because nothing makes you feel better like shoving nibs and popcorn into your pie hole while watching dinosaurs eat people.

3. The bus. It takes me about 15 minutes to commute to work. The bus driver and I are becoming fast friends and his stories, especially the ones laced with conspiracy theories, are an entertaining way to start the day.

Cheers to the upcoming week 🙂


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