Wine of the Weekend

I will spare all the details but will say this: decorating my old ‘new’ home has come to a grinding halt at the moment which is why I found myself sipping this lovely wine while living vicariously through the home decorating shows on TV.

April 29 wine

$14 CDN

My husband picked this one up. I generally try not to let labels influence my wine pics but to be completely honest, they do. I suppose I’m not the only one because it seems to me that companies are always trying to come up with catchy artwork or names for their creations. I digress. Did I mention I love the label on this bottle?

This is a California Zinfandel. It’s got a bit of spice and fruitiness to it. I would say it’s medium to full bodied. Not a bad wine and I think it would go great with a fancy hamburger.

Can I just say that if I had my own wine, I might name it Cardiac. It would be red of course and would full bodied with oak and spice. Oh, and ‘jammy’.

If you were to create your own, what would it be called? What would it taste like?


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