Music to Make You Run. FAST.

I love to run with music.  I blare it from my Ipod shuffle and change the songs like I change TV channels; fast and frequently (only difference is that I’m not shovelling chips into my mouth). My playlist is strategically comprised of what I think will push me farther or set a reasonable pace. Despite my efforts over the years, there is not one song out there that makes me go faster than SLOW. That is, until very recently.


Yes, I know the headphones are tangled. Thanks. 

Picture this:

It’s a Spring day, light wind and the sun is shining. I don’t have to be anywhere any time soon so I can run for as long as I want! Fast or slow, it doesn’t matter. I pop my ear buds in, find my pace, relax and listen to my playlist. Here’s a sample:

  • Ho Hey: The Lumineers
  • Hall of Fame: The Script
  • Paradise: Coldplay
  • The Fighter: Gym Class Heroes
  • Levels :Avicii
  • Don’t Stop Believin’: Journey (AAAhhh, the 80’s!)
  • Lose Yourself : Eminem (doesn’t everyone have this on their playlist?)
  • Yeah!: Usher
  • Black and Yellow: Wiz Khalifa (I totally look like a badass running to this. Yes, even at 42)
  • Inner Ninja: Classified
  • Don’t You Worry Child: Swedish House Mafia

These songs drown out the lawn mowers and barking dogs. I can dodge slow walkers as I run down a long road towards the ocean. Running along the ocean side (I usually pause the music because I love the sound of the waves) I can climb up a winding hill to the very top. I am far away from home when I hear it. A new song. I must have grabbed it from my son’s playlist but hey, it sounds like Justin Timberlake and he’s a good singer right?

Now, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge that in seeing my playlist, you have in all likelihood, applied some judgement about who I am.  Let’s add some more fuel, shall we? But before I do, I will take a moment to slam a big fat WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WITH SEXUAL CONTENT into my story right now!

Yes, that was Justin Timberlake. Call me a prude. Ninny. I can handle the odd f-bomb or sexual innuendo but I was not expecting THIS (FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO OFFEND EASILY; SERIOUSLY-OPEN AT YOUR OWN RISK, DON’T SAY I DIDN’T TELL YOU):

Nope. I was not.  Oh yes, the more I listened to the lyrics, the faster a ran. I ran like a mother who is desperate to set her son straight on the meaning of appropriate in order to save him ASAP. I thought of all the things I would yell say to him when I got home.  I have never been so motivated to get there to tear a strip off that damn kid of mine. Half laughing (in disbelief), eyes bugged out and mumbling under my breathe, I don’t think I’ve actually ever run that fast before!!

Dare I ask…what’s on your playlist?


4 thoughts on “Music to Make You Run. FAST.

      • Yes!
        I must say I have everything from Opera to rock to classic to Christian…
        Music is such a great motivation!
        Keep rockin and runnin!
        Great name for your own 5k run:)

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