Monday Memoirs

Lately, I’ve been preoccupied with the drama that is our ‘new’ home. I won’t go into any great detail at the moment but let’s just say that my perfectionist tendencies are being tested to the extreme (that is, for a perfectionist).  I really need to pull myself together and get on with life, regardless of its lack of order at the moment. Sometimes, that’s really hard for me and it’s easier to act like a possum and FREEZE. Which is what I’ve been doing lately!

Despite it all, here are 3 things I’ve been grateful for:

  • Optimism. Thank goodness for the ability to regroup, rethink, refocus and see the glass as half full. In fact, despite the stress I’ve been experiencing, I see the glass as way more full than half! There is always a lesson to be learned and I truly believe everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t know what that is until somewhere down the road.


That glass is totally half full…of only the best cider ever!

  • The boys. My husband and son are so good to me. They went and bought me a canister of cinnamon tea and a fancy strainer. I have no idea how the strainer works and am completely fascinated by it. The tea tastes like those cinnamon hearts you get at Valentines.

Tea 2

Can you see the Canadian flag ‘photo bombing’ in the background? No, I didn’t do that on purpose. 

  • The art of experimentation. Lately, I’ve felt compelled to try some new things in the kitchen. I came across a recipe for cauliflower crust pizza. I am not a huge fan of pizza but I have to say that this turned out really well and was not ‘heavy’. Very easy to make and will definitely stick it on the list for Friday nights.


This has spinach, kale, feta and some mozza and cheddar on it. Yum! 

Have a great week 🙂


2 thoughts on “Monday Memoirs

  1. I too love Strongbow. ever! It always helps when the glass is full of Strongbow ;-). Good luck with your new home – I’m sure everything will turn out 🙂

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