(Not so) Wordless Wednesday



Where do you get your inspiration from?


Power or Wind?

Lately, the weather has been sunny and warm around here. This means I’ve been power walking around town during my lunch breaks. Today was a bit different because when I looked outside to check the state of the weather, all I could see were three gigantic masts. Obviously, being the snoop that I am, I investigated the situation:


This is the Athena-the largest privately owned yacht in the world. WOW

Docked beside her was this fabulous diva:


This is the Zenith luxury super yacht. Not too shabby either. 

Which do you prefer, darling? How about we meet on the dock after work and we can decide which one to take then.

Monday (evening) memoirs

Hope you all had a great Monday!

My poor husband came home early this afternoon to find our new area rug COVERED IN CRAP. Seems one of our shitzu’s got into something that didn’t agree with him. I would complain more but I wasn’t the one who cleaned it up, unless of course you count pointing out the spots he missed with the carpet cleaner. Apparently, he didn’t need my help after all.

Apart from being extremely thankful for a dog crap carpet cleaning husband (if it was me that had arrived home first, he would have been a wife barf, dog crap carpet cleaning husband) here are a couple of other things I am thankful for:

Tea parties. Every year, the City I live in hosts a weekend long ‘tea party’. It’s down by the beach, has a midway and serves tea in addition to all the typical fair food (i.e. mini donuts and smokies). There is also an air show that includes a demonstration by the Coast Guard:

coast guard heli

This helicopter took off from the beach and so began the picking of sand out of my teeth, hair, eyes…how the heck does sand manage to get into certain unmentionable places? 

kamikaze ride

Just watching this ride is enough to make me dizzy!  Way too terrifying for me. 

ferris wheel

This is way more my style. It’s such a classic. 

Perseverance. My son spent the weekend  trying to showcase how ‘mature’ he is in an effort to get me to agree he could buy an air gun. I told him I’d ‘think about it’ and then proceeded to bask in the glow of his efforts. The bathroom was cleaned, laundry was folded, dogs were walked and cheery attitude was presented. Frankly, this is just too good to give up right now and so I am still having to continue ‘to think about it’. I’m not entirely sure how long it will last but I suspect I’m running out of time.

In the meantime, I’ve hinted that even if I was to agree I would not be interested in buying it for him. This has led him down a new path-hunting for his first job. He proceeded to go around the City to various businesses asking whether they hire teenagers and whether he should drop a resume off or fill out an application. Some places responded with a big fat (and rather rude) NO. Others said he had to wait until he got another year older. Just when his heart started to sink, the last place he went to told him to bring in a resume! It was just the boost he needed and I’m so proud he put his little self out there. Fingers crossed that he’ll find his first job and that it will be a good fit for the summer!

What was your first job?

Home Alone!

Back in the day, I never appreciated being by myself. If I happened to be in this most unfortunate position,  I would spend the entire time wondering where everyone was and why I wasn’t invited. Oh, the waste of it all.

Now? A night alone is like winning the jackpot! Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my boys (hubby and son). It’s just every once in awhile, there is a need to rebalance the energy around here with a little less testosterone and a little more fabulousness.  In other words:

  • hockey or football do not need to be playing on the ridiculous number of TV’s we apparently need;
  • making the dogs bark for the sheer entertainment of it all is not necessary or desirable;
  • ice cream every night is not essential to your survival; and
  • trying to outdo each other’s farts and burps does not  establish ownership over the household.

Last night, the boys went on a school camping trip and I got to be ALONE. In other words, I:

  • exercised out on the back deck (without any hecklers trying to disrupt my concentration);
  • ate half of a leftover burger and some salad followed by half a cookie, a tablespoon of peanut butter, a glass of wine and a cup of detox tea (without having to explain why this wasn’t weird or contradictory);
  • watched taped reruns of the Bachelorette and Housewives of who knows where (without any comments about how dumb these are);
  • had a bath (without anyone banging on the door telling me to hurry up); and
  • appreciated the silence (no one asked me where anything was).

It was a great night, the goal of doing absolutely nothing of substance was accomplished and I am ready for the crew to arrive home today with their dirty laundry in tow and fill the house back up with the bantering that makes it a home sweet home.

Monday Memoirs

Every time I ask my son what he thinks of something (anything) he always responds with the word good :

What did you think of the movie? It was good. 

Did you like the pizza? It was good. 

How was school today? Good. 

The list goes on but I assure you, it always ends the same. Good. I asked him why he never uses another word. Surely, there are things that warrant an ‘outstanding’  (because a teenager would use this type of language) or even  an ‘awesome’. He agrees there are things that do warrant more but that he’s just too lazy to say anything else. Really? REALLY? 

Well, on a scale of good, this week was exhausting and amazing. Hell, it’s my scale. Here are some reasons why:

  • Conferences. Sometimes, it’s just nice to get away to a different place, meet new people and learn new things. I was only gone for 2 days but that was just enough time to have a run along the seawall in Vancouver and hear Shane Koyzan. Take a listen to his TED presentation. I am so thankful poetry is good (in the mind blowing, connection to your soul kind of way). 

Sheraton light

I couldn’t help but take a picture of the light fixture in the conference room. It was not good. It was hideous.

  •  Sleep. I generally don’t sleep very well but this week I managed to get some shut eye. It was probably stress. I don’t care why, it was just great to be able to.
  • Friday night drinks. It’s not often that I go out for drinks after work. Usually, I am rushing home for one reason or another. This past Friday, I did stop by the local watering hole to hang out for a couple of drinks. It was great to connect with friends I don’t get to see everyday. Having a few glasses of wine makes the bus ride home seem super fast. Which is good. 

Have a great week 🙂

The Comfort of Routine

For someone who loves a good solid routine,  I often find myself off the beaten path. You know when you go for a stroll in the forest and see those little paths branching from the clear one with the well marked signs? I fall for those all the time. Sometimes they loop right back and other times they lead to some place interesting.

the main path

A very clearly marked path that leads to an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean

Now, I’m all for exploring but in terms of my eating healthy and exercising regime I went down a path that led me to a couch  with a monster size TV in front of it and a pantry filled with nachos, burgers and the occasional Strongbow. Sure, there were some Oxygen magazines on the coffee table. I did manage to flip through the pages on occasion while dipping the nacho chips in hot sauce. Frankly, it’s been AWESOME (I think that word dates me) but after spending a good hard livin’ month here, it’s time to loop back. To be honest? I am looking forward to it!

off the path 1

Isn’t this sweet? I found it on one of my strolls around the neighbourhood

off the path 2

I bet there’s a couch in this house, with a troll watching TV. Probably there’s some salt and vinegar chips in there too. 

Without further adieu, my short term goals are:

Running around the new neighbourhood at least three times a week for 30 minutes or more (this will end up looking like two 30 minute runs and one 45 minute run); and

Reintroducing vegetables and water (this is another way of saying DETOX).

These may not seem like a total re haul but they work for me 🙂

Have you strayed like this before? What do you do to get back?