Hey there! I’m finally getting back into blogging after a rather lengthy hiatus. Just one thing though….I’ve moved and you can now find me at

I really hope you come check the new site out and I am looking forward to reconnecting!





Just Checking In

It’s been so long since I last posted that I felt compelled to let you know I am in fact still here. Sort of. I am on hiatus in vacation mode, heading off for some spa treatments, water sliding and camping. It’s quite the mix! I hope everyone is experiencing a great summer and I will post sooner than later.



Boots and Zippers

I’ve been looking for a good pair of sensible yet stylish boots for quite some time. I feel like I’ve looked everywhere and then today I found them and they were on sale. I call that fate. My husband calls it something else but we’ll just leave him be.

Honestly? I found about three pairs to buy but because I like living in a house with a roof and heat, I settled for this pair:


I love the zipper detail in the back. Now you’re probably wondering why I’m not showing a picture of me wearing them (probably not). I did model them for the gals at work today and let me tell you; they got more than they bargained for-bless these fellow fashionistas. You see, when it came time to take them off, I managed to get the zipper half way down my calf. That is it. I tugged, pulled, twisted and nothing. In a nutshell, how many fashionistas does it take to get these boots off? The answer is three. THREE. Well actually, two if I don’t count myself.  It takes one to laugh hysterically and be the witness while the other one gracefully tries over and over again to free the victim (that’s me).

Zippers man. The woman at the store did happen to mention she had ‘zipper lube’ that may make it easier. ‘Zipper lube’-heh. I have a dirty mind. You probably do too.

Happy Friday 🙂


The Art of Saying Thank You


Here’s some flowers for you!

I have a tendency to function on auto-pilot, with the same routine being played out day after day. While it gives me a sense of comfort that my world has order, the drawback is that it can cloud my ability to notice the people who make a lasting impression. It may be someone very familiar, an acquaintance I randomly bump into or even a stranger who says or does something in passing. We go along our merry ways until BAM! the universe throws a curve ball and I realize the connection between us has had a profound effect on me. In some cases, I’m lucky enough to know who they are and have the chance to express my sincerest gratitude. The absurd thing is that I don’t always opt to. Why not? Maybe it’s because I think I’ll do it later and then later never comes or I assume they won’t take me seriously?

How do you say your thank-you in a way that makes the person truly understand the depth of your sincerity without sounding over the top?   Well here’s my two cents:

  • Make sure your initial expression of thanks is sincere as opposed to being something you just automatically say without really thinking about it. This way, you can safely rest assured that if you didn’t realize the connection until later; you made whatever you said the first time round count.
  • If you are very lucky enough to have a relationship with the person, maybe you should simply go out on a limb and make a point of expressing your thanks even if it makes you uncomfortable. Chances are good that if it’s coming from the heart, you won’t lose.

Do they even really need to know? I like to think they do. In writing this post and moving forward I am thinking of certain people I need to thank…

Note: I wrote this post yesterday before reading my new friend Brenda’s blog. Much to my surprise, she nominated me for a blog award! Brenda, you are so kind and I’m glad to have connected with you!  I have only just started blogging and it is great to know that you find my posts interesting; the feeling is mutual!  You have given me the dose of encouragement I need to continue.

OK, enough thanking 🙂 Please check out Brenda’s blog My Girly Parts. I love her candid posts on being a woman, she will have you laughing and breathing a sigh of relief that you’re not the only one!

The Life of Pi? The Life of a Fraud-Turbo Edition

About a year ago, a girlfriend of mine invited me into her book club. I love to read and tend to go through stages of reading the same author until I wear out my interest. It started back in University when I had time to kill between classes; I blew through my roommate’s collection of Mary Higgins Clark novels. Then, there was James Patterson. Yes, I read the Twilight series. I powered through the Kite Runner. I am partial to anything written by Wally Lamb.

The thing about book club is that each person gets to pick a book they would like to read so you get to explore authors you may not have even thought of. Then, we all get together to eat, drink and tell you that we either loved your pick or you suck. It usually starts out civilized where you ask a set of reasonably intelligent questions related to the book and everyone dishes their two cents. Then the conversation inevitably turns to parenting as we seek confirmation that we’re doing it ‘right’. 🙂

For some unknown reason, this group intimidates me. It may be because they were already connected when I came in as the ‘new kid’. To those who know me well, I present as fairly outgoing but in unfamiliar territories I am as timid as a mouse. It’s not their fault. They are a lovely set of women.

Most recently, it was my turn to pick the book and I chose the Life of Pi by Yann Martel. Now for the pressure, I am tasked with hosting book club sometime here in January and (drum roll)…I haven’t read the book!! I did see the movie (which I highly recommend) but that’s not going to cut it when you’re the host.

I have an excuse you’re Honour! Life is pretty crazy right now. Between changing careers, selling the house, raising a teenager and all the other millions of things it’s nothing short of a miracle that I haven’t been picked up in another city sitting on a park bench, dressed in a housecoat, laughing to myself (ok, little over the top but that’s what happens when you make excuses). It could happen, which is why I suggest carrying your ID with you at all times (just in case your family would like to reclaim you).

My Kobo reader tells me I’m at 17% read. It’s electronic, why can’t it just read the book for me and then generate some Coles notes version? I feel like I’m not respecting my book choice. I should be reading it relaxed, in the bathtub with a wineglass in hand. Instead, I am skimming pages, highlighting things that sound profound so when we meet I can drop these into the conversation to make it sound like it resonated with me. I am such a fraud!

The Love of Running

first run of the year

This is me stretching before my first run of 2013, looking ridiculously over excited (or something)

It’s been a very long time since I last ran.  I have a compliment of 5K, 10K and half marathon’s under my belt but then graduate school took over and stole my time. That’s when I discovered 12 minute workouts. They saved me from what I lovingly refer to as ‘writer’s butt’ (caused from sitting for lengthy periods of time. Late at night. Possibly eating mindlessly and crying at the same time).

Now that school is finished, I have decided to reacquaint myself. My introduction to running was in grade 8 when the class had to run 2 miles around the track every week. I hated it. I like to think I’m not the only one who tried claiming their period pains were so bad they couldn’t possibly run. Oh please.

Fast forward to my 20’s, running solely for the purpose of weight loss. My first run was downhill and I thought I was going to die. Yes, it worked but something unexpected happened, I fell in love with it. Running has made me feel strong, challenged and inspired. It has introduced me to new friends.  I am shocked by how far I can run sometimes. I am also shocked that I still have my front teeth (tree roots can be hazardous). I have run through hot sun, early morning darkness, in solitude through the forest, up monster hills, from dogs off leashes, with thousands, through moments of great happiness as well as grief. I am allowed to spit, walk, compete, eat candies, cheer others and jump in puddles. Sometimes, I run scared (bears=surge of adrenaline). Other times, I visualize my stresses tumbling off behind me, unable to hang on. 

I treat my running with respect but I don’t take it too seriously. You will not find any gadgetry on me other than my Ipod shuffle every once in awhile. You can be serious if you want to.  That’s the thing, you can run any which way you want to!

My plan at this point is to run at least 3 times a week, starting with a walk run routine (if I feel like it). I will post about it on my 12 minutes  page. If you’re a beginner, I found some links here and here that have some plans you can follow.

If you’re not a runner (or you are) and you are looking for motivation to get out there, why not dedicate a walk or run to this little peanut, Mirabel? :