Monday Memoirs

I hope everyone had a great father’s day spending time with the ones they love. Mine started out with the dogs barking their faces off at 6 a.m. to alert me of the murder of crows on the back deck.  Seems that someone had taken the compost bag from the kitchen and placed it on the back deck overnight as opposed to placing it into a secure container thereby leaving it for the birds to spread all over. How fitting is it that they call a group of crows a murder? All I can say is that Father’s day around here = immunity from what would otherwise be, well? let’s just leave it at that. Oh, then there were hamburgers and cheesecake later in the day.

So apart from patience, gloves for garbage picking and love for my husband, here are some other awesome things I’m thankful for:

  • Used goods. I am slowly but surely decorating our humble little home in a French country style. The boys simply roll their eyes at me but my husband had some choice words when I hauled this thing home and asked him to hook it up:


This gorgeous thing weighs a ton! I say it’s a great find.

Now, you are probably wondering why half the shades are missing. Personally, I like it without the shades. My husband likes it with the shades. This is called compromise. It will last until someone concedes. Which do you prefer-please do tell!

  • Flowers. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this countless times. I am so amazed at where they can grow and how they can look. I love that they are used as a way to communicate among people. They are like fireworks; refreshing, exciting, colourful. Ok, I’ve gone on too long but I will say this, I am going to be adding a section to my blog called ‘Bouquet of the Day’. Please stop by for a look and enjoy! I hope they will fit whatever mood you’re in and make your day.


These are beautiful silk flowers-don’t they look real? 

Cheers to the week!