Summer is finally here! There is one more week of school left which means I am wondering how on earth we will entertain our son for 2 whole months. Sometimes, I feel like a cruise director:

“on the Lido deck, heaps of cereal will be served in the morning followed by grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and something easy to make for dinner, followed by pretzels and water before bed; we will be offloading from time to time at various ports of call and remember there IS a CURFEW;  yes you can sleep in but not for the entire day!” 

I don’t recall my parents ever doing that much to entertain us. Basically, it was “go outside and play and make sure you’re home for dinner”. Then of course there was the ice cream man. As soon as we heard that ridiculous music we’d run as fast as we could to make it home in enough time to beg for money and plead a case for why we deserved the ice cream before dinner.  Generally, as the music got closer, my bartering skills went out the window and by the time I was on the front stoop with ice cream dripping down my hand I would realize I had agreed to clean my room, fold laundry and empty the dishwasher. Damn.

But I digress and give you instead some highlights of what I’m thankful for from last week:

Impromptu drinks with friends. I was walking to the bus after work and bumped into a friend who managed to convince me in about 3 seconds flat to go for a drink. It was great to hang out with a bunch of people I haven’t seen in a long time. Just another reason moving to the city was a good idea.

Help. If you knew me well you’d probably think there’s a lot of ways I need help and you’re glad I found some. You really are thoughtful. I am actually talking about my husband helping me haul home more used stuff I’ve found. A really nice glass table and side table for the living room for only $60 (cdn). Yes, I have become addicted to looking at used items for sale.

A ‘Home’. Months ago we moved to this small quaint heritage home in the city. We’ve taken a long time to unpack and make the place feel like a home. This weekend, ‘we’ (I mean my husband) spent time hanging pictures and unpacking things we’ve not seen for awhile. See, if it was me hanging the pics, they’d all be at my 5’3 eye level and crooked. This is the first weekend I can honestly say that it’s feeling like a home to me.

Have a good week.